VR Gift Machine

VR kids game and doll machine (coin device)

Press button in table center

VR glasses in color according the body color

12 bar sticks (3 grade:3+4+3)

Dino Star :interactive VR games for kids

Dino Star for kids new economic era & good opportunities for children market. VR kids with education content, unlimited fun, which can bring exciting new experience with children growing up happy.

Dino Star Mini: Kids VR game machine

VR virtual reality 9D kids game machine Dino star. Designed for the small loop system, and based on the model of stand-alone computer structure.

Magic Island AR Sandbox

An augmented reality sandbox combines virtual topography, a sandbox , allowing kids to create topographic models by shaping or digging real sand.

Welcome to IMMERTION

Immersion Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on virtual reality (VR) systems solutions in China. The team has 30 experienced people for marketing and 40 experts from fields of optical engineering, computer graphics, animation design, etc. The products include VR headset, online VR interactive platform, VR gaming system, etc. In particular, VR gaming system consists of three products, i.e., 9D VR with motion platform, future warrior (similar as Zerolatency) and KidsVR. Note that KidsVR is the first VR edutainment system in the world. We aim to provide total solutions for VR headset, 3D content, online platform, etc. We hope to be a leading company for kids VR products including customized content, hardware and somatosensory interaction module and service.

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